*PLEASE BE ADVISED- If you experience any issues with your rental, notify us immediately. Please do not wait until your final day to tell us about a bad experience with expectations of a refund. We take pride in our top- notch customer service and will be happy to help you with any concerns or issues.


  The short answer is YES, but in our experience, guests much prefer the rental experience picking up their travel scooter in our store.  We are able to give instruction on use and transport of the scooter, and allow the guest the opportunity to try out the device to make sure it meets expectations of comfort and ease of use.  Call us if you have any questions regarding delivery/pick up service, and we will make sure you are taken care of whichever service you choose.  Delivery service is dependent on appointment availability and accessibility of delivery location. 


We are conveniently located on the main parkway in Pigeon Forge between traffic lights #7 and #8.  (Light #7 is the Old Mill, and Light #8 is Dollywood Lane.)  Our store is within riding distance to several attractions, and also the Trolley hub at Patriot Park.  Pigeon Forge does have trolleys that are scooter/wheelchair friendly.  

Q) What is the yellow lever for on the back of the scooter?

A) It locks and unlocks the back wheel base. The lever must be in the lock position in order for your throttle to work. If it is in the unlock position, and you turn the key on, the scooter will beep and you must turn the key off and switch the lever back to the lock position before turning your key back on.

Q) What do I do if I was going up a steep incline and my scooter abruptly stopped working?

A)More than likely your reset button kicked. The reset button is a little button beneath a plastic bubble typically on the battery pack depending on which model you have.  Simply turn your key in the off position, push the reset button back in, and then turn your key back on.  

Q) What do I do if my scooter is making a solid beeping sound?

A)More than likely, the horn is stuck. Try to disengage the horn button, if that doesn’t work, call the store for assistance with this issue.

Q) What do I do if, after putting my scooter together, it doesn’t work, no lights come on or anything?

A)Possibly missed a connection when assembling. Try taking it apart and reassemble it.

Q) Do I need to charge my scooter at the end of the day, even if the battery display shows a full battery?

A) Yes, please charge your battery every night, so that you have a full battery at the beginning of each day. We advise you to keep your charger with you so you can charge the battery as needed.  

Q) Can I let my child or loved one ride on the scooter with me?

A) NO!  Our scooters are only designed to accommodate one person at a time. It is a breach of the contract to allow more than one person per scooter. This action will void the contract and the remainder of rental will be terminated without refund.

Q) My scooter is beeping and I know it has plenty of battery, what is wrong with it?

A)Our scooters have beep codes to help troubleshoot any issues. Some of these are a quick fix and some need to be fixed by a technician. Here is a quick guide for the beep codes:

2 Beeps- low battery, charge scooter

3 Beeps- the battery voltage is too high, contact store for assistance

5 Beeps- the yellow lever is in neutral position, turn key in the off position, push yellow lever into the lock position, and turn the key on

6 Beeps- the throttle has been depressed while inserting the key, turn the key off, and then back on again, and wait until the lights on the dash are all the way across before pressing the throttle lever

7 Beeps- the throttle lever may have been depressed while inserting the key, contact store for assistance

8 Beeps- the motor has been disconnected, contact store for assistance

9 Beeps- the motor controller may be in overheat protective mode or you may be attempting to install the battery while the key is turned on, shut down your scooter for a minimum of several minutes to allow the controller to cool, or try reinserting the key into the key switch.


Again, please call the store in the event of any issue that causes dissatisfaction.  We want you to enjoy your scooter, and take pride in providing the best experience possible for you!