At Scooter Sales & Rentals will help you find the mobility scooter that best suits your needs.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to make your Smoky Mountain visit the most memorable yet!  Our scooters are designed for easy maneuverability through crowds and along pedestrian walkways. Having mobility allows you to focus on where you want to go, instead of how you are going to get there!   We offer quality products that are durable and affordable.  Let us be a part of your journey toward the freedom of Mobility!

Special  Note from the owners.

“We are thrilled everyday, at the amount of people we can help with mobility. We love hearing how our scooters have changed the quality of individuals lives for the better. We look forward to helping you choose the best scooter that will help make a difference in your life!”

Kind Regards,

Byron and Brady 

The Scooter Story

Born in Baton Rouge Louisiana, these Italian-French Cajun entrepreneurs are identical twins.  At age 8, they moved from Baton Rouge to Gatlinburg, and have spent the majority of their lives in the Great Smoky Mountains. Before graduating from Gatlinburg-Pittman High, the brothers began working at a local ice cream shop. While saving their money, Brady and Byron dreamed of one day starting a business partnership. 

In 2007, their dream came true when they purchased the ice cream shop from the owner beginning their joint entrepreneurship. Since then, they have created a unique enterprise including a wide variety of shops in the heart of the downtown Gatlinburg. 

Byron and Brady have become well known on the Gatlinburg business scene. The brothers have always felt it was their duty to help the community. In 2016, they decided to open up a Scooter Rental store to help those with mobility needs. The store flourished and led to the purchase of an additional location in Pigeon Forge. Currently, the brothers are continuing to search for new ways to serve their community as well as their customers.